Hi my name is Kay

Horse Riding Coach

I started Horse riding in 1983. I have enjoyed a classical dressage education and owned my own horses for many years. I have traveled, trained and ridden horses extensively throughout Europe and Australia. 

In 2003 I worked in Ireland at Killarney Riding Stables and enjoyed my role as Horse Tour Tourist Guide, did Yard duties and worked with stallions.

In 2010 I started working at the Oaks Ranch and Country Club in Batemans Bay, NSW. I was the Manager of the Trail Riding Business with a herd of 
20 horses. I ensured smooth operations of the Trail Riding Business, did the complete Horse Management and started to teach the principles of Horse Riding.

In 2013 I started my own business. We were living in beautiful Batemans Bay at the time and everything was like Bay Windows, Bay Plumbing so I came up with 
Bay Horse Care, which was a funny word game in a double sense. 

In 2014 I worked as a Horsemanship Clinic Assistant and I started mentoring clients.

I gained my qualification as Horse Riding Instructor and Trail Ride Guide with Horse Safety Australia in 2014.

We’ve moved to Adelaide in 2015 and I started to work for an established 
Horse-Riding School in the Adelaide Hills. Delivering Ready Set Trot, Coaching and doing Office Support for a fantastic Riding School. I currently work there.

From 2016 to 2018 I worked as a freelance Instructor at Little Paddocks in Upper Sturt. Delivering Ready Set Trot, doing yard duties, office support and Horse Management.

In 2017 I did my Education as an Equestrian Australia Horse Riding Coach and 
I am constantly learning new things to improve Horses life’s such as Acupressure treatments and Liberty training. I have got a holistic approach to Horse Management and I’m always putting the horses welfare and best interest first. 

I do have an extensive background in Administration, but that…is another story 😊 Details about my professional Career path in Administration is available on request or check out my LinkedIn profile KaySullivan88.

On the 19/03/2019 I have renamed Bay Horse Care to Adelaide Horsemanship.

I’m always amazed, how much some of my clients grow as Horseman/Horsewomen, whilst I am mentoring them. My philosophy is to empower my clients to create positive change and learning new skills to help enhance the relationship with their horses.

Equine Qualifications and Certificates are available on request 

I really studied this stuff

  • Equestrian Australia Introductory Coach          Recreational Riding
  • Equestrian Australia Intro Horse Management, 
    Intro Riding
  • Community Coaching > General Principles
  • Horse Safety Australia Instructor and Trail Ride Guide Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Child-Related Employment Screening
  • Vulnerable Person related Employment Screening
  • Respond to abuse and neglect in children Certificate
  • National Police Certificate
  • Current SA Driver’s license
  • I comply with the Code of Practice for the Horse          Industry, Safe Work Australia standards and the        Animal Welfare Rules 

Learning to ride and to develop a deep connection with a horse is a very personal journey. 
I am providing a safe, easy going, non-competitive environment with lots of laughter and room to develop and enjoy your personal horse journey.

I hope to meet you and your horse soon. 

Happy Riding


Horse Girl

It all started 1983 with a little horse crazy girl in Kiel/Germany

Horse Riding

Working at Killarney Riding Stables in 2003

Horse Riding

My first own horse Jetty. We were a great team for 15 years

Working at the Oaks Ranch as a Trail Riding Business Manager from 2010-2015

Horse Riding
Trail Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding

Working as an Equestrian Professional for years and being a mentor and a part of peoples lives. Creating long lasting relationships and making this world a better place for horses and their owners.

Horse Riding
Customer Service
Horse Riding Coach
Horse Riding
Horse Riding Adelaide
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Meet my horse TJ

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