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Let’s find the right solution for you. Here you’ll find a detailed rundown of my services to help you decide on the best choice for you. If you have any questions or aren’t sure what to go for, then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help. 

Horse Service

This is what I can do for YOU and YOUR horse

  • Qualified mobile Horse Riding Coach
  • Horse Riding lessons on your OWN horse
  • Natural Horsemanship, Dressage, Trail riding, Groundwork, 
  • Flat work, Intro Jumping 
  • Horse Riding lessons for all ages and skill levels 

                  > NO School horse available at this stage SORRY 

  • Horse Training and re-education 
  • Horse Gentler
  • Equine Consultancy
  • Online Consultancy (Video chat or Email)
  • Therapeutic riding lessons
  • Injured Horse and Rider Rehab 
  • Body Works: Acupressure treatments, Adjustments, Massage 
  • Horse Float training 
  • Clinics for Riders and their horses at Agistment Centers
  • Horse Safety School Presentations 
  • Horse sales Agent 
  • Horse Management
  • Healing with horses. Your personal journey starts here. Do you feel stuck?

Need some advice about a specific horse? Have you and your horse forgot how
to communicate? Wanna help your horse to perform in a happier manner around
you? Do you want to achieve a better relationship on a deeper level of
understanding each other? Need a facilitator to point you in the right direction?Start healing yourself and let the horses show us the rest.



Horse Riding lesson 1 hour                     $80
Horse Training Session 2 hours             $160
Equine Consultancy 1 hour                      $80
Video Consultation 30 min                     $40
Horse Safety Presentation per child     $5
Horse Sales Agent 
for selling a horse 10% commission of Sales price
for helping to buy a horse                       $250
written report about horse                      $80

Please inquire about other package deals

Horse Riding lessons

Horse Riding lessons

Lunge lessons

I offer Horse Riding lessons on your own horse at your own property.

I am available to travel to you and your horse. You will save on travel costs if you have a friend or two who would like lessons as well. I can also help you to start your young horse correctly, work with you and your horse for intensive re-education, float training and ground work.


I create a fun and safe learning environment with the opportunity for every client to learn and develop in their own pace. For Beginner riders I always recommend a few lunge lessons until a certain level of balance and coordination is achieved.


I teach all ages and skill levels. Recreational Riding.

School Horse

Meet my horse TJ
TJ is a 15 year old Quarter Horse and he has a very sweet character. He is calm and placid. He is a real gentleman.

At this stage he is NOT available for Horse Riding lessons. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

We are located in Onkaparinga Hills/Adelaide South.

Check out my Facebook page for more pictures and stories.

Theurapeutic Horse riding lessons

Therapeutic Horse Riding lessons

Therapeutic riding lessons

I have taught many physical and intellectually disabled clients with 
great results and overwhelming feedback

Do you suffer from

  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • drug addiction

Do you have a condition like

  • Autism
  • Phobias
  • Asperger's 
  • learning difficulties 
  • mental health challenges

Horse riding can help 

  • to build confidence for clients with low self esteem
  • help to ease nervous tension
  • working through traumatic experiences
  • increase muscle tone for clients with physical disabilities 
  • to develop respect, responsibility, perseverance and loving 
    towards horses and humans
  • Teenagers to deal with personal challenges 

So let your personal horse riding journey begin and contact me today.

I am NOT a NDIS listed provider yet. Eligible clients registered with the NDIS with a self managed plan can use unregistered Providers with ABN Numbers. I can invoice you so you will be able to claim it back from the NDIS. If this is of interest, contact me for more details.

Horses can heal YOU

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • All riders must sign a waiver form before participating in any riding
  • You are riding on your own risk
  • All lessons must be paid in advance
  • Riders under 18 years old will need to provide consent from signed by a parent/guardian before riding
  • Weight limit is 90 kg
  • All riders must be over the age of 6 yo to ride
  • If you arrive late for your lesson I may be forced to reduce the duration of your lesson
  • All group lessons are conducted at the level of the least experienced rider
  • No uncontrolled riding is permitted
  • Weather Policy: Lessons will go ahead unless it is unsafe for both horse and rider. 
    No riding over 30 degree. No riding in windy conditions
  • When a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, a 50% of lesson fee will incur

Horse Riding lessons

What to bring

  • Sturdy Footwear preferably ankle boots with a small heel  (no sandals, thongs or runners)
  • Your own approved safety helmet
  • Long pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera
  • water
Equine Consultancy

Equine Consultancy

Every horse is different and has a unique character, conformation and sometimes health or behavioral issues. With the Equine Consultancy service I can help you to identify specific, individual imbalances regarding

  • health issues
  • behavioral problems / vices
  • handling problems
  • parasite management
  • evaluation of feeding program
  • horse well-being & welfare


Together we can find a solution and ensure a new step into a brighter future for you and your horse.

Horse Training

Horse Training

I am a Horse Gentler and I use classical training methods and natural techniques to give you and your horse confidence and a clear understanding. 
I always had the philosophy that I want to empower my clients to learn the things that makes handling their horse easier in daily life situations. Horse are trained through co-operation not confrontation and confusion. Mutual trust, understanding the horses point of view and positive reinforcement are the keys to successful Horse training.

 I can help you with

  • building confidence in your horse
  • groundwork
  • lunging correctly
  • bombproof your horse
  • float training
  • help to start your horse
Horse Sales Agent

Horse Sales Agent

When buying a horse it's always good to have a second opinion before you commit to that IDEAL horse.

But who can you ask? I can help you to identify your needs, what type of horse is suitable for you and your level of riding.

Finding the right horse can be a daunting and long process. 

I can help you to find the right horse regarding

  • temperament
  • conformation
  • breed
  • movement
  • physical well being
  • level of training
  • overall potential
  • value for money

I offer professional pre-purchase assessments. 
It is always advisable to have a VET-check before committing to a specific horse. 

A written report can be provided for an additional charge of $80.

I charge $250 to help you to find a suitable horse.


I charge 10% of the Sales price, if you would like me to sell your horse on your behalf.

Online Consultation Horse Riding Coach

Video Consultations

Sometimes you just need some good advice regarding a specific horse related topic like
- you need to adjust your horses diet
- your horse has developed behavioral issues
- there is a hoof issue and you need ideas how to  
  deal with it
- your horse has a wound/skin issues/injury and you 
  are not sure how to treat it 
       > always call your Vet in an Emergency!
- you would like some training advice 
- you hit a roadblock in your horses education and 
  need a plan to continue on

We can meet online with or without your horse 
via Facebook Chat, Zoom, Skype or Email.
This service can help you
- when the weather is bad
- when you live further away outside my Service 
- when you would like to chat to an experienced 
- where it's not necessary to see you and your horse 
  in person
- when you don't want to spend lots of money
- during social distancing times in a Pandemic when 
  you have compromised health issues

It's easy, effective, convenient, cost effective and helps the environment. 
I'm happy to help, get in touch today. 

Horse Clinic Adelaide


I run clinics at the comfort of your own property / Agistment Centre or I can organize an indoor arena.

Minimum of 4 participants. 
Maximum of 6 participants.


The events are professionally run and while you are with me you will get lots of opportunity to progress and learn.

I offer the following clinics

  • Confidence Building for Riders and their horses
  • Bombproof your horse
  • Intro to Natural Horsemanship
  • Lunging
  • Poles Training session
  • Foundation training for Youngsters

Good reasons why you should book into 
these clinics / workshops

  • Looking to improve your riding with training from highly knowledgeable Coach
  • Bringing on a young horse
  • Re-training your horse
  • Building confidence, overcome fears whilst progressing and learning
  • Learning new techniques
  • Bonding a new combination of rider/horse
  • Intense time training with your horse
  • Meeting new people and have fun socializing
Horse School presentations

Horse Safety School Presentations

The Horse Safety School presentation is designed for Primary Schools Grade 2 to 5.
I have successfully run these presentations in local schools. The presentation takes about 1 hour.

Children showed great interest and engagement and loved to talk about horses. I have developed a Horse Safety School presentation addressing the following topics

  • Variety of Horse Riding Disciplines
  • Horse Safety Rules
  • What to wear
  • How to approach and act safely around horses
  • Benefits of Horse Riding
  • Interesting Horse Facts

Cost per child is $5. If you are a riding parent, a teacher or would like to provide an interesting topic for class, please contact me.

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Check out my Interview with Horse Chats

This was made under my old Business name Bay Horse Care 
but I offer this under Adelaide Horsemanship now 

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Tips and Tricks

6 Tips for successful Horse Training

1. Foster a relationship between you and your horse that is based on trust and respect and learn from each other.

2. Horses are individuals and react differently to the same stimulus.

3. Work and create with your horse a stress-free, safe and trusting environment

4. Keep training interesting and don't overdo the exercises.

5. There is NO room for anger and frustration. Patience and reassurance is the key.

6. Use effective body language.

Stay COOL this summer

Hot weather tips for your horse to stay COOL

  • Provide SHADE > shelter / trees / sun sail
  • HOSE your horse DOWN. Get yourself a hose nozzle with mister. Take access water off the coat
  • Provide fresh, cool WATER
  • Don't exercise your horse, if it is over 33 degrees > ride in the early morning hours or later in the afternoon
  • AVOID SUNBURN > apply zinc or sunscreen 50+ on pink noses. Sunburned  noses can cause cancer
  • Offer ICY TREATS > freeze water in old ice cream tub with large carrot/apple pieces and dollop of molasses as a lick block. It's best to give in a bucket to avoid dirt getting into your horses belly
  • Pay extra attention to sick and older horses
  • Use insect repellent


A horse wants a leader more than a friend

Training session tips

  • Make sure your horse had an adequate turnout before your training session
  • Before you start your session groom your horse to establish a connection 
  • Start with a couple of exercises that your horse knows well already. When the horse is mentally and physically tuned in to you, introduce a new lesson/question/move
  • During the lesson, allow time for rest breaks and review periods
  • End on a good note, with something the horse does well and enjoys
  • Finish with a cool-down before you put the horse away
  • Give your horse a treat